Common Questions

Am I required to participate in eFile?

Participation in eFiling is currently optional, but we encourage you to consider the benefits of eFiling. 

Do I still need to bring (or send) hard copies of exhibits to PAAB?

In most cases, a party that has eFiled their exhibits will not need to provide hard copies of the exhibits to PAAB.  PAAB may request that parties provide specific exhibits in hard copy for ease of reference during the PAAB hearing. 

How do I efile documents?

For information on how to efile documents, please review the eFile instructions. If you need additional assistance, please Contact Us

How do I know if the opposing party is participating in eFile?

After an eFiled document is accepted and approved, a Notice of Electronic Filing will be produced.  The Notice of Electronic Filing indicates the parties served by eFile and the parties that require service through traditional means.  Any party requiring service through traditional means is not currently participating in the appeal via eFiling. 

eFile Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) image

How do I mark exhibits in eFile?

For instructions on marking exhibits for eFiling, see Labeling Exhibits.

How do I request an eFiling account?

To request an eFiling account, go to and click on Request Account.  Before requesting an account, you must agree to the PAAB eFiling User Agreement.  Complete the information requested and click Submit.  Your request will be sent to PAAB for approval.  Most account requests will be approved in one business day or less.  For more information, please review the eFile Instructions

If I eFile a document, do I need to send a hard copy to PAAB or the opposing party?

In most cases if a document is eFiled, you do not need to send a hard copy to PAAB or the opposing party.  If, however, the opposing party is not participating in eFiling, you will need to send a hard copy of the eFiled document to the opposing party.

Nothing is attached to the email notification. How do I see what was filed?

To limit the size of emails and to avoid filling up your inbox, the eFiled documents are not attached to the email notification sent to the parties.  Once you receive an email notification, you should login to your eFiling account to access the filed documents. Failure to monitor notifications and review the eFiled documents may be detrimental to your appeal. If you have a question about a notification or are unable to view the documents, please contact PAAB at or 515-725-0338.

The eFiling system is down and I need to file a document. What do I do?

If the document is time-sensitive, contact PAAB for additional instructions.  In certain circumstances, PAAB may permit other methods of filing for time-sensitive documents.  If the document is not time-sensitive, check back at a later time to see if the system is operational. 

What are the benefits of eFiling?

eFiling is generally more cost-effective and efficient for the parties and PAAB.  eFiling saves you the cost and time of mailing hard copies of most documents to PAAB and the opposing party.  When you eFile a document, you will receive notification it has been accepted and filed within one business day.  Further, the parties can receive automatic email notification whenever a document is eFiled on the appeal.  Plus, eFiling reduces the need for paper and that’s good for the environment. 

What is eFile?

eFile is PAAB's electronic filing system.

Will I receive notifications when the opposing party or PAAB files on the appeal?

Whenever a document is filed on the appeal, an automatic notification will be sent to the email address of each party participating in the appeal via eFiling.  You are responsible for making sure the email address used when creating your eFiling account is correct and that your email service is appropriately configured to receive notifications from the eFiling system.  Check your email service settings to ensure that eFiling notifications are not misdirected to your spam or junk mail folders.

As a precaution, PAAB recommends that you regularly check your online eFile account to check for any new filings on your case.