Creating an Account

Important Information
  • You must have a user account (i.e. username and password) to use PAAB’s e-Filing system.
  • Some accounts may need to be approved by PAAB. Please allow 1 business day for account approval. You cannot file documents until your registration has been processed and approved.
  • Your username and password are a part of your electronic signature. If a document requires a signature, then the document must be eFiled under the signatory’s user’s account (i.e. username and password).  Documents should not be filed under the paralegal’s or assistant’s user accounts. 
Instructions for Creating an eFile Account
  1. Click Request Account on the e-Filing login page.
  2. Read and accept terms of “PAAB EFILING USER AGREEMENT.”
  3. Select user role (i.e. attorney, representative, self represented, non-filer).
    • Assessor = City or county assessor or their designee.
    • Attorney = Licensed attorney representing an appellant or board of review.
    • Representative = Entity or person legally authorized to file an appeal on behalf of property owner/taxpayer.
    • Self-represented = A taxpayer or property owner filing an appeal on his or her own behalf.
      • NOTE:  A business entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.) cannot be self-represented.  A business entity must be represented by a representative or attorney.  If you are representing a business entity and are not an attorney, select "Representative" for your user role.
    • Non-filer = A general member of the public or public official with an interest in property assessment appeals.
  4. If attorney or representative, select organization (i.e. your employer).
  5. Complete User Profile.
    • * =  required text boxes.
    • If attorney, add your attorney number. (This is sometimes called your AT Pin.)
      • Non-attorneys will be assigned a unique ID #.
    • Alternative e-mails – when emails are sent, they can also be sent to the alternative email address (i.e. assistants, personal email account).
    • Passwords – at least 8 characters, mixture of numbers, upper and lower case letters and 1 special character.  Change every 60 days.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click OK.
  8. PAAB will process and approve your registration and then send you an email notification.