PAAB eFile Appeal Instructions

Important Information

  • NOTICE: PAAB's electronic filing system is used for filing appeals of board of review decisions to PAAB. It cannot be used to file protests to your local board of review. 

  • Appeal filing periods vary by jurisdiction and it is your responsibility to ensure your appeal is filed timely. Appeal deadlines are statutory and PAAB cannot extend or modify your deadline for filing an appeal.

  • To file an appeal, you must have registered for an account in PAAB's e-Filing system.  

  • Follow the instructions below and complete all of the steps described. If you do not receive an email confirmation after completing all of the steps, your appeal has not been submitted.

  • If you have any questions or problems with the instructions, call PAAB at (515) 725-0338 during our business hours - Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CT.

Step 1: Getting Started 

If you haven't already, you must create an account

When your account is approved, log into PAAB's e-Filing system. After logging in, click New Appeal.

                     Image of efile site with New Appeal button circled in red

Step 2: Complete the Case Initiation Page

Property Information: Enter the requested information about the property you're appealing.            

           Image of efile site with boxes to enter information about the property being appealed.

  • Parcel Number
    • If you are appealing multiple parcels, you may combine the appeals and submit only one appeal if the parcels are contiguous and under the same ownership. If necessary, attach a list of the parcels being appealed. 
  • Board of Review
    • Select the Board of Review from which you are appealing.
    • When the Board of Review is selected, the selected Board of Review will automatically be added as a party to the appeal.
  • Property Address
    • Enter the street address, city, and zip code of the property being appealed.
  • Classification
    • Select the classification assigned to the property by the Board of Review or Assessor.

Select your Grounds for Appeal and enter your Short and Plain Statement. 

            Image of efile site where filer can select the grounds for appeal and enter a plain statement

  • Grounds on Appeal
    • Select the grounds you are appealing to PAAB. You may make the same claim(s) you made to the Board of Review and/or add new claims to PAAB. You may amend the appeal once as a matter of course within 20 days after it is filed, by adding or modifying the grounds on appeal. You may submit new evidence to support your claim(s) at a later date. 
  • Short and Plain Statement
    • Enter a short and plain statement explaining your claims on appeal. 
    • NOTE:  Depending on your browser settings, this page may eventually time-out.  When drafting your "short and plain statement", please keep this in mind.  We suggest you either: 1) periodically click Save to Draft at the bottom of the page, 2) pre-type your statement in a Word document and paste it into the statement box, or 3) make sure your "short and plain statement" is just that, short and plain.  
  • Value you contend is correct
    • Enter the value you believe is the correct assessed value for the property

Request a hearing and review case participants. 

         Image of efile site showing options for hearings and the appeal's case participants

  • Hearing Request
    • Indicate how you would like PAAB to consider your appeal.
      • In-person hearings are currently held in Des Moines.
      • Telephone hearings are conducted by toll-free conference call. 
      • If you select "I do not want a hearing", PAAB will schedule your appeal for a written consideration. 
  • Case Participants
    • If you have a “Self-Represented” account, the Appeal will be automatically filed under your name, listing you as the Appellant. 
    • If you have an “Attorney” or “Representative” account, you will need to indicate the name of the Appellant on whose behalf you are filing the appeal by clicking Add Appellant. Fill out the information on the Add a Party page to add that party to the appeal. When done, click Next to return to the Case Initiation page.

When you have completed the Case Initiation page, click Next

Step 3: Review and Add Additional Documents to the Filing

       Image of efile site where a filer can review the appeal and add additional documents

  • Click View Generated Document  next to "Appeal from Board of Review Action" to review the appeal form generated based on the information you entered on the Case Initiation page. 
    • If you need to make changes, click Back.  
    • NOTICE: This is an opportunity to review the document you are about to file. Your appeal is not filed until you complete all of the steps listed below. 
  • Optional - Add documents for filing with your Appeal. 
    • ​Go to Document Type and select the type of document you wish to file from the list. 
    • Click Browse (or Choose File) to find the document on your computer.  NOTE: Document must be a PDF.
    • Click Add.
  • After reviewing the Generated Document and adding any documents, click Next

Step 4: Final Review and Submit the Filing

            Image of efile site where filer and review the documents to be filed, add instructions, and submit the filing

  • Read the Important Information About Your Appeal
  • To send the appeal to PAAB, click Submit the Filing.
  • A pop-up email message will appear that says: “Your submission is complete.  Click OK to file to PAAB."
  • If you clicked OK, your filing will be submitted to PAAB and a message “Your Filing has been submitted” will appear.

Step 5: Check Your Email

  • After clicking Submit the Filing, check your email. You should find an email indicating your appeal has been received. 
    • NOTICE: If you do not receive this email, your appeal has not been submitted. 
    • You will receive another email called a Notice of Electronic Filing after PAAB has reviewed and approved your filing. 
  • IMPORTANT: Continue to monitor your email after the appeal is filed. You will be sent email notifications of all documents filed on your appeal. Failure to monitor those emails and download the filed documents will be detrimental to your appeal.