Filing to an Existing Appeal

Important Information

When a document is electronically filed, it will be served through the eFiling system on all other parties participating in the appeal electronically. You are responsible for ensuring all parties not participating electronically are served with the document through means authorized by PAAB rules. Please check the Notice of Electronic Filing to verify which parties will receive service of the documents electronically.

Instructions for Filing a Document on an Existing Appeal
  1. Log into PAAB’s e-Filing system.
  2. Click Existing Appeals or eFile>Existing Appeal from menu bar.
  3. Enter Docket Number (ex. 2015-077-1500A) into the text box and click eFile.
  4. To add documents:
    • Select the document type (i.e. Motion, Brief, Taxpayer Exhibit, etc.) from the drop-down menu. If you are unsure of which document type to use, please refer to the eFile Document Type Guide.
    • Add additional text if necessary.
    • Click Browse to find the document on your computer.
      • NOTE: Document MUST be a PDF. Find out how to convert documents to a PDF
      • NOTE: There is a size limit of 30 MB per filing and 10 MB per document.  If a document exceeds 10 MBs, you may need to split the document into multiple parts.  If the filing exceeds 30 MBs, you may need to submit more than one filing.   
    • Click Add.
      • You can view the document by clicking on the document name in the “View Document” column.
      • If you added the wrong document, click on the document icon in the “Remove” column.
    • NOTE: If you have additional documents to add, repeat the process detailed in step 4 before moving on to step 5. 
  5. Click Next to start the submission process.
    • You can also go Back, or Move to Draft.
  6. Click Submit the Filing.
    • You can also Add/Remove Documents, go Back, Cancel (Delete) the filing or Move to Draft.
  7. A pop-up email message from PAAB will appear which reads: “Your submission is complete.  Click OK to file to PAAB.”
    • Or you can click Cancel and you will be returned to the review and approve filings page where your choices are Add/Remove Documents, Back, Cancel (Delete), Move to Draft, or Submit the Filing.
  8. If you clicked OK, your filing will be submitted to PAAB and a message “Your Filing has been submitted” will appear.
  9. Click on Filing Status or go to the home page and click on My Filings to review the status of your submission.  Status may be viewed for 60 days, and can be downloaded so it can be printed or saved on your computer.
    • Once PAAB has approved your document(s), the My Filings page will show that the document(s) are Filed.