Administrative Rules

Administrative rules are statements of general applicability that implement or interpret law or prescribe policy or that describe the organization, procedure, or practice requirements of any agency.

PAAB Administrative Rules

The following administrative rules govern the practice and procedure of appeals before PAAB.

Current Rules - IAC 701-126
126.1 Applicability and definitions
126.2 Appeal and answer
126.3 Nonelectronic service on parties and filing with the board
126.4 Electronic filing system
126.5 Motions and settlements
126.6 Hearing scheduling and discovery plan
126.7 Discovery and evidence
126.8 Hearings before the board

126.9 Posthearing motions
126.10 Judicial review
126.11 Records access

2017 Appeals and Older Appeals Rules - Archived Rule 701-126

IDR Assessment Rules

701-71 Assessment Practices and Equalization (Entire Chapter)
701-71.1 Classification of Real Estate
701-71.20 Boards of Review