These forms are available available for convenience. All forms must be filed with PAAB and a copy must also be served on the opposing party. If you have any questions related to the content of the form, please contact PAAB.

Appeal Forms

To file an appeal, review the steps outlined in Appealing Your Assessment.

Other Forms

How to File Forms with PAAB


All forms may be electronically filed. The eFile system will automatically send notice of the filing to PAAB and the opposing party, if the opposing party is participating in eFiling. To verify if the opposing party is participating in eFiling, check the Service List or the Notice of Electronic Filing. If a form is eFiled, do not mail a copy to to PAAB.

Mail or In-Person Delivery

Currently, all forms may be mailed or delivered in-person to PAAB. 

When Filing Occurs

Filing occurs when the documents are:

  • delivered in-person to PAAB;
  • delivered to a courier service for immediate delivery to PAAB;
  • mailed to PAAB by first-class mail with proof of mailing;
  • filed to PAAB using PAAB's eFiling system;
  • or sent by email to as permitted by PAAB administrative rules.