Protesting to the local board of review is the first step to dispute your assessment.

These steps generally describe how to file a protest with your local board of review.

Contact your local assessor's office for more information.


When to Protest

You may file a protest between April 2 and April 30 for that assessment year.

  • The deadlines cannot be extended, and late filed protests may not be accepted. Read Iowa Code section 441.37 for more information.

Exception for Disaster Areas: There is an exception to the above deadline for properties located in counties declared a federal disaster area or the subject of a disaster emergency proclamation by the governor between March 1 and May 20 of that assessment year. If those requirements are met, board of review protests may be filed until June 5 of that assessment year. 


What to File

Use the Petition to Local Board of Review form
Attach information you want the local board of review to consider to the completed form.

Read Appeal Grounds for more information about the grounds (claims) for protesting an assessment. 


Where and How

The protest form goes to your local assessor's office. Mail it or deliver it in person. Some jurisdictions permit electronic filing.

  • Board of review protests should not be filed with PAAB and cannot be filed using PAAB's eFile system.