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Assessment Law Basics

For a basic explanation of how a property's market value can be determined read the source What You Should Know About Real Estate Valuation.

  •  Evidence should comply with the statutory scheme for valuing property under Iowa Law.
  • Evidence should address the Grounds for Appeal that you have selected.
  • Evidence should focus on the total value of the property.

Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Property 

Typically residential, commercial, and industrial properties are valued based on market value.

  • Market value is based on recent, normal, arm's-length sales of the property or comparable properties. 
    • It is often shown using an appraisal, a comparative market analysis (CMA) or normal sales of comparable properties.
    • Comparable sales need to be adjusted for differences to make them similar to the property being appealed.
  • Abnormal sales like family sales, foreclosure or forced sales, contract sales, discounted purchase transactions, purchase of adjoining land or other land to be operated as a unit, should not be used unless they can be adjusted.
  • If a property's value cannot be readily established using sales, then other factors may be considered.

Agricultural Property

Ag property is assessed based on its productivity and earning capacity. 

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Administrative Rules

Administrative rules guide practices and procedures for PAAB and other agencies. 

701-115 PAAB Appeal Rules

701-102 Assessment Practices and Equalization 

  • 701-102.1 Classification of Real Estate
  • 701-102.20 Boards of Review
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Statutory Law

The statutory code sections below generally apply to real property assessment in Iowa, protests before local boards of review, and/or appeals to PAAB. They are found in Iowa Code Title X - Financial Resources

  • Each appeal is unique, and other provisions of law may also apply.
  • Refer to the code sections for the year the appeal was filed.

2024 Iowa Code

421.1A Property Assessment Appeal Board Enabling Statute

Chapter 441 Assessment and Valuation of Property

  • 441.21 Actual, Assessed, and Taxable Value
  • 441.35 Powers of the Board of Review
  • 441.30 Informal Assessment Review Period
  • 441.37 Protest of Assessment - Grounds
  • 441.37A Appeal of Protest to Property Assessment Appeal Board
  • 441.37B Appeal to District Court from Property Assessment Appeal Board
  • 441.38 Appeal to District Court
  • 441.39 Notice of Assessment Protests and Appeals to Taxing Districts

17A.19 Judicial Review

2023 Iowa Code (Archived)

2002 Iowa Code (Archived)

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