PAAB Video Hearings

The parties to PAAB's contested case hearings may now choose to participate by video conference using Google Meet. 

No downloads are required and a Google/Gmail account is not necessary. Learn more about Google Meet

To find out more about PAAB video hearings, please read the information below. 

IMPORTANT: If you are not familiar with or comfortable using video conferencing systems, PAAB suggests you participate in your hearing in person or by telephone. We recommend you test out Google Meet prior to requesting a video hearing.

A party to an appeal can request to participate in a hearing by video by filing a request form

Prior to the scheduled hearing date, PAAB will invite the filer to a Google Meet corresponding with the date/time of the hearing. As needed, the filer may share the Google Meet information with clients, witnesses, etc. 

You may also add the hearing to your calendar from PAAB's Hearing Calendar.  

IMPORTANT: Due to the variety of devices and systems, PAAB is unable to provide technical support or troubleshoot technical problems. We recommend you test out Google Meet prior to requesting a video hearing.

Although participation in a video hearing does not require you to download software or have a Google/Gmail account, there are several other requirements for your participation. 

  1. You must have a supported web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Alternatively, you may use the Meet mobile app or the Gmail mobile app. 
  2. Your device must have a minimum of 2GB memory and a dual core processor. Learn more about minimum and recommended system requirements
  3. You must use a supported operating system, like Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS, Android 5.0, or iOS12. 
  4. You must have stable broadband connection to the internet. 
  5. You must have a built-in or external web camera. You will also need a microphone. 

  • 3 Days Prior to Your Hearing
    • Verify you have the Google Meet information. Contact PAAB at or 515-725-0338 if you need the Meet information. 
    • Test your camera, microphone, and speaker on your device. 
    • Determine the location from which you will be joining the hearing. Ensure the location is quiet and has adequate lighting. 


  • Joining the Google Meet for your Hearing
    • At the date/time of your hearing, join the Google Meet. 
    • There are multiple ways to access and join a Google Meet. If you have not used Google Meet before, PAAB suggests you join the meeting by using the email invite sent to you prior to the hearing. 


  • During the Hearing
    • Face the camera and speak clearly into the microphone. 
    • Follow the instructions and requests of the presiding officer. 
    • When not speaking, mute your microphone. 

PAAB will continue to digitally record audio from hearings. PAAB will not maintain video recordings of hearings. 

If a hearing is scheduled via Google Meet, the public may join to view the proceedings. 

If you are a member of the public and not a participant or party to the hearing, email to request the Google Meet information.