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Filing to Existing Appeals

Use these instructions to file forms, motions, evidence, and other documents on your existing PAAB appeal.

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Fillable PDF Forms

Use these forms as needed for your PAAB appeal. Instructions are included on each form. 

Application for Rehearing or Reconsideration

Exhibit & Witness List

Generic Motion Template

Generic Resistance Template

Hearing Scheduling & Discovery Plan

Motion for Continuance

Motion to Participate In Person, By Telephone, or By Video

Motion to Withdraw Appeal

Motion to Vacate Dismissal

Notice of Appearance

Notice of Serving Discovery

Power of Attorney

Request for Subpoena of Documents

Request for Subpoena of Witnesses

Settlement of Appeal


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Motions & Resistances

A motion is a written request for PAAB to rule on a specific issue. A party may use the forms above to file a motion. 

The opposing party may file a resistance to any motion. Typically, a resistance should to be filed within 10 days of the date the motion was filed. A party may use the Generic Resistance Template to file a resistance. 

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